A little bit about us

Welcome Home!

We are thrilled that you chose to experience the “Beach Beyond Belief” house. Hi, my name is Elizabeth, but you can call me “Beth” and my husband’s name is “Gary”. We like to call ourselves “Geth and Barry” when we get mixed up. As kindred free spirits, we have lived all over the United States including Nevada, New York, California, and most recently Texas. The two of us own a boutique inn outside of the Redwood Forest in California called the Northern Inn. This Beach Beyond Belief house is our family ‘paradise’. We’re grateful and thankful to be able to share this place with you.

Over the years, we discovered Seacrest beach and simply fell in love with this private serene place. Gary and I have never found anything as pristine and as wonderful as this “beach beyond belief” with sugary white sand and crystal clear emerald warm waters. 


Why Choose Us

Live Amidst Nature

Feel and experience nature in its fullest glory to refresh yourself.

Comfortable Luxury

Newly remodeled in 2020, this home has all the comforts of home

Family Friendly

A perfect getaway vacation for your family